Boutique Design, High-Tech Amenities Set Touchtown Partner The Boutique Retirement Club at Ironhorse Apart


World-class dining, an architect-designed campus, and state-of-the-art fitness equipment are just a few reasons why retirees who could live anywhere choose the Boutique Retirement Club (BRC) at Ironhorse. The expansive luxury independent living community in Leawood, KS. hasn’t missed a single detail in their effort to deliver the highest quality service, space and amenities.

To tie it all together, they even have a custom mobile community app designed to deliver resident members 24/7 access to all the BRC at Ironhorse has to offer.

Touchtown is a tech company that specializes in communication and engagement software for senior living. With their custom Community Apps product, BRC didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

The BRC at Ironhorse team customized the app to match their modern aesthetic, and regularly fill it with useful content on all their amenities and events. Residents simply download the app, login, and are instantly connected to their community — anytime, anywhere.

Like with every other aspect of the community, the BRC team didn’t stop there. They integrated their app with Alexa so residents can ask the voice assistant for community information without raising a finger.

Information can also be accessed from digital signage throughout the community and on an in-suite TV Channel. Everything has been thoughtfully connected to optimize the resident experience. And their efforts have not gone unnoticed.


We decided an app would deliver the ultimate convenience and were ready to build our own. Then we found Touchtown.

Bridget Snodgrass

VP Senior Operations, Overland Property Group

Between the stunning architecture and environment of the community, dining run by restaurateurs PB&J Restaurants, and dedicated staff — The BRC at Ironhorse has set a new high for boutique retirement and created a space where residents can truly thrive.

Their use of technology helps poise them for many more years of serving residents, even as the wants and needs of the older adults in their community change. Get in touch with Touchtown to get your community connected with tech.

Other communities we looked at had nothing like the tech support offered at Ironhorse. Having that help makes it easier to learn and be more comfortable with all the technology in the community.

Sharon Derby

Resident Member, BRC at Ironhorse