Using ROI to Gain Funding for Your Wellness Program

May 29, 2019

According to the International Council of Active Aging, 90% of CEOs state that providing a lifestyle/wellness program is an important strategy for growing their businesses. However, unless there are clear financial returns, leadership is hesitant to invest.


During an interactive 60-minute webinar, Ted Teele (CEO, Touchtown) and Colin Milner (CEO, ICAA) walk through the ROI model that gained popularity at the ICAA Conference in October 2018. This hands-on digital workshop is designed to help you demonstrate the financial benefits of your next wellness initiative.

Key Learnings from the Webinar:

  • The similarity between raising money for a wellness program and raising money for a renovation project
  • Industry data that can help you secure budget for your wellness initiatives
  • How to tie wellness programming to an increase in occupancy (and the revenue it generates)

Watch the webinar to see how this model can help you gain funding for your next wellness project.