Public-Use Workstation

Simple, secure computing & printing

Communities provide a modern computing experience without the worry of security or support. Residents, guests, and staff have peace of mind when managing sensitive information.

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Protect the community from cybercrime

Cybercrime against seniors has increased five-fold since 2014. It’s our job to ensure our residents aren’t victimized in these attempts. Personal devices don’t have the security features needed to protect residents against cyber criminals.

So what do your residents do when they need to manage sensitive information?

Enter: the Public-Use Workstation from Touchtown.

Safe & Secure

Giving residents, staff and family peace of mind for their online safety.

Cyber crimes against seniors have increased five-fold since 2014. It’s our job to ensure our residents aren’t victimized in these attempts.

Portable devices are best for communication and consuming content. But, what do your residents do when they need to create content or manage sensitive information?

Simple Setup

Just plug it in. We’ll do the rest.

Seriously, the Public-Use Workstation and Cloud Printer requires ZERO time and resources from your own team. Each community gets 24/7 support from a real-life human.

As for residents, there’s no need to remember to erase sensitive information or worry about malware. The Secure Workstation protects them from seeing dangerous content and automatically deletes their session history.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Even for the most tech-averse.

We’ve perfected features that protect personal information and the community’s cyber security with an easy-to-use interface.

The Secure Workstation was built with the accessibility in mind so residents, staff, and guests access a modern computer with cloud printing capabilities that is intuitive to navigate.

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Cloud Printing

Convenient printing the whole community can enjoy.

Our cloud printer can securely accept files from any personal device, connect to your Secure Workstation, or both. Printers still very much have utility, especially in a senior living setting.

  • Residents can print sensitive personal and business documents
  • Families can print photos to leave with their loved ones
  • Employees can print personal or HR files if they don’t have access to a printer at home

24/7 Support

We’ve got your back! It’s our promise. ❤️

We’re committed to the success of your community. With the Public-Use Workstation and Cloud Printer, residents can confidently access private information without stressing about data security.

And your IT team has peace of mind with real-time, proactive device monitoring 24/7 and a 3-year warranty on both the Secure Workstation and Cloud Printer.

Get a Secure Workstation and Cloud Printing for your community!

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